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Ongoing Classes

New Class (Spring-Summer 2020): Together and Apart

Beginning Thursday, May 7, 2020, Rabbi Weiner will facilitate a new adult education course that explores one of the most pressing issues facing the Jewish world today - how we move from being a people with no permanent home to one with two homes. This extraordinary study program has been crafted by the Shalom Hartman Institute.

Through video lectures from Hartman Institute faculty, interviews with scholars and textual sources, this 14-unit course addresses the complex features of Jewish peoplehood and the contemporary challenges to the Jewish people in an era in which we have moved from having no home to having two different, vibrant, homes in Israel and in North America.

Today the Jewish people face new challenges to our unity including nationalism, antisemitism, dual loyalty, and identity politics. We consider what it means to be a member of the Jewish people, the core values that animate Jewish peoplehood, and the contemporary challenges to Jewish unity.

The curriculum examines the forces dividing the Jewish people today, including nationalism, antisemitism, dual-loyalty, and identity politics; and it imagines new conceptual frameworks that can help sustain and grow the story of our people for a new millennium.

Class materials are available online to be printed at home. Visit the Hartman website to sign up for access.

Classes will meet on Thursdays, 10:45-noon. First classes: May 7, 14, 21, 28, 10:45-noon. To receive a Zoom link, as classes will take place on Zoom until we can safely gather in person, please consult Kol KI or email or call the KI office.

For up to date scheduling information, please consult the calendar

Introduction to Judaism

Join fellow students and dynamic teachers for classes on a wide range of Jewish themes, offered at an introductory level for both Jews and non-Jews. No prerequisites or prior knowledge required. Offered once every 2-3 years - to express interest, please speak with Myrna Hammerling.

Torah Portion of the Week with Myrna
Tuesdays from 10:00 to 11:30AM in KI Library


Rabbi's Thursday Class
Thursdays from 10:45 to noon in the K.I. Library, during the school year

2020-21: Together and Apart (Shalom Hartman Institute)
2019-20: Arguing as Jews, an original course by Rabbi Weiner about arguments among the sages of the classical rabbinic era
2018-19: Walking with Justice (from the American Jewish University)
2017-18: The Ethical Life: Jewish Values in the Age of Choice (from the Jewish Theological Seminary)
2016-17: The Book of Deuteronomy
2015-16: The Books of Samuel and Kings
Previous Years: The Path of the Just; Maimonides Mishne Torah; Artson, God of Relationship and Becoming

Saturday afternoons, 15-30 minutes before sundown, from Labor Day until seder
Participate in ancient conversations about our most important stories, struggles and ultimate questions.


2019-20: Judaism, Nationalism, Globalism (based on Hartman Institute materials)
2018-19: Haggadah
2017-18: Tanhuma Shemot
2016-17: Babylonian Talmud Masechet Rosh Hashana
2015-16: Pesikta deRav Kahana
Previous topics: Eicha Rabbah, Bereshit Rabbah, The Book of Psalms, Hasidic interpretations of the Torah portion

Enhanced Prayer Class with Myrna
Wednesdays from 10 to 11:30AM in K.I. Library


Review texts of traditional Hebrew Prayers, understand the literal meaning, express the prayer in your own words.  Working with two books, one with traditional Hebrew prayer texts and one teaching simple grammer through prayer vocabulary, we will work on ways to make the prayer experience more meaningful.

$35 fee + cost of books.  Register with Myrna Hammerling or call 413-445-4872 x16

Learn to Read Hebrew with Myrna Hammerling

Offered to groups by request. Register by calling (413) 445-4872 x16 or email to


Sat, December 5 2020 19 Kislev 5781