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Ongoing Classes

Thursday Morning Class: Dynamic Judaism

Jewish observance always takes place in a wider social context. When that context changes over time, Jewish leaders - and the Jewish religion - must respond. This class explores moments in which the Conservative Movement has confronted such changes, focusing on both content and process. Topics will include translating Jewish teaching into political statements in an American context, issues of personal status and relationships (egalitarianism, same-sex weddings, gender spectrum, marriage), and shabbat.


A continuing education class for adults focusing on Hebrew language and the prayer book. Students practice Hebrew reading, learn the basic Hebrew vocabulary and grammar, study the siddur, and enjoy discussions about the issues raised by the words and practice of Jewish prayer. Currently taught by Rabbi Weiner most Tuesday mornings at 10 or 11 a.m., depending on the week. Check the calendar for an updated schedule.

Introduction to Judaism

Join fellow students and dynamic teachers for classes on a wide range of Jewish themes, offered at an introductory level for both Jews and non-Jews. No prerequisites or prior knowledge required. Offered once every 2-3 years - to express interest, please contact the synagogue office.

Rabbi's Thursday Class

2022-23 (upcoming) Selections from Project Zug (Hadar)
2021-22 (current): Dynamic Judaism (original course by Rabbi Weiner)
2021: Beyond Dispute (Jewish Theological Seminary)
2020: Together and Apart (Shalom Hartman Institute)
2019-20: Arguing as Jews, an original course by Rabbi Weiner about arguments among the sages of the classical rabbinic era
2018-19: Walking with Justice (American Jewish University)
2017-18: The Ethical Life: Jewish Values in the Age of Choice (Jewish Theological Seminary)
2016-17: The Book of Deuteronomy
2015-16: The Books of Samuel and Kings
Previous Years: The Path of the Just; Maimonides Mishne Torah; Artson, God of Relationship and Becoming

Shabbat Minha-Maariv
Saturday afternoons, 15-30 minutes before sundown, from Labor Day until seder
Participate in ancient conversations about our most important stories, struggles and ultimate questions.

2019-20: Judaism, Nationalism, Globalism (based on Hartman Institute materials)
2018-19: Haggadah
2017-18: Tanhuma Shemot
2016-17: Babylonian Talmud Masechet Rosh Hashana
2015-16: Pesikta deRav Kahana
Previous topics: Eicha Rabbah, Bereshit Rabbah, The Book of Psalms, Hasidic interpretations of the Torah portion


Mon, March 27 2023 5 Nisan 5783