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Knesset Israel Hebrew School

The Knesset Israel Hebrew School welcomes students from preschool through 12th grade to dynamic classes where they learn Hebrew, Torah, Jewish Studies, history and culture. The school prides itself on its intimate classes and extraordinary faculty. In addition to teaching skills for meaningful Jewish living, the school also incorporates a 'hidden curriculum' helping students learn to value and prioritize their own involvement in Jewish life.

Knesset Israel makes every effort to provide Jewish education to every child and teenager in the community. Excellent instruction by qualified teachers is the backbone of our program. Our goal is for every hour of Hebrew School to be engaging, substantive and rewarding, while building community among the students. Our modest size enables us to tailor programming around the needs, interests and passions of students at each level each year. Our program includes sessions at K.I. on shabbat mornings, as well as study in the community 'CHAI' program, Wednesday afternoon classes offered in partnership with our neighbor, Temple Anshe Amunim. Our rabbi and several of our teachers have experience working with students with special needs - should this be a concern for your family, please contact the rabbi to begin working on a plan.



Early Childhood - Ages 2.9-4
Experienced early-childhood teachers lead students through structured and unstructured play around Jewish themes, songs, games and activities about the Jewish holidays and Shabbat. While light and fun, classroom activities lay the foundation for meaningful holiday observances in home and synagogue.  Each day will end with "purposeful play", which gives our youngest pupils a chance to learn creatively and experientially.

Grades K-1
Students' play and learning center around early Hebrew literacy, holiday themes, Jewish values and biblical stories, with an emphasis on experiential learning. Students begin to learn select prayers from the Shabbat morning service.   Each day will end with "purposeful play", which gives our youngest pupils a chance to learn creatively and experientially.

Grades 2-6
Curriculum focuses on the building blocks for Jewish knowledge: Hebrew reading, in-depth Torah study, weekly parasha, Jewish values, folklore, mitzvot and windows into Jewish history. A carefully structured Shabbat morning Junior Congregation meets every week during the school year, offering students an opportunity to grow into understanding and leadership. Every student learns to read Hebrew accurately and fluently, to lead parts of the service and to chant Torah. Classes meet on Shabbat mornings, 9-12 and on Wednesday afternoon, 4-6. The Wednesday program is a joint initiative of Knesset Israel and Temple Anshe Amunim. Please note: Enrollment varies from year to year and has an impact on programming. Some classes integrate students of various ages.

Grade 7 (Bar/Bat Mitzvah Year)
The Knesset Israel community maintains a robust program for bar/bat mitzvah education and celebration because we care about our students as people and as Jews. Hebrew, Torah and prayer studies lay a foundation for a meaningful Jewish life; a forum for questioning and analysis in the context of a supportive community yields a sense of purpose, identity and pride. Bar/bat mitzvah is but one part of a lifelong journey, but it can play a central role in the formation of Jewish identity. Eventually the time will come to entrust the next generation with the future of our people, values and way of life; it is our hope that the preparation for and celebration of bar/bat mitzvah at Knesset Israel will make a difference.

High School
Knesset Israel students have the opportunity to engage in continuing Jewish education in grades 8-12. Possibilities include:

  • Torah study with Rabbi Weiner (Shabbat mornings, 8:40-9:30)
  • Serving as teaching assistants and one-on-one tutors in our Hebrew School programs
  • Serving as bar/bat mitzvah tutors
  • Projects of interest to the student

Tuition (2018-19)

Knesset Israel Members

  • Shabbat Early Childhood Program - $250
  • Grades K-1 (2 hr Shabbat only) - $500
  • Grades 2-7 (2 hr Wed & 3 hr Shabbat) - $860
  • KI Hebrew High - $270

Nonmembers of Knesset Israel pay an additional $200 per student per year. This may be applied towards membership dues.



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