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Knesset Israel Hebrew School

The Knesset Israel Hebrew School welcomes students from preschool through 12th grade to dynamic classes where they learn Hebrew, Torah, Jewish Studies, history and culture. The school prides itself on its intimate classes and extraordinary faculty. In addition to teaching skills for meaningful Jewish living, the school also incorporates a 'hidden curriculum' helping students learn to value and prioritize their own involvement in Jewish life.

Knesset Israel makes every effort to provide Jewish education to every child and teenager in the community. Excellent instruction by qualified teachers is the backbone of our program. Our goal is for every hour of Hebrew School to be engaging, substantive and rewarding, while building community among the students. Our modest size enables us to tailor programming around the needs, interests and passions of students at each level each year. Our program includes sessions at K.I. on shabbat mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Periodic family programs enhance the student experience. Our rabbi and several of our teachers have experience working with students with special needs - should this be a concern for your family, please contact the rabbi to begin working on a plan.

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Tot Shabbat – All children up to kindergarten age
Shabbat morning, 10:30–11:30am
Parents and teachers lead monthly programs for our very youngest students and their families. These shabbat morning programs include prayer, music, a craft, purposeful play time and a kiddush & challah snack.

Ages 2.9-Pre-K (Shabbat only)
Shabbat morning, 10:30–11:30am
Experienced early-childhood teachers lead students through structured and unstructured play around Jewish themes, songs, games and activities about the Jewish holidays and Shabbat. While light and fun, classroom activities lay the foundation for meaningful holiday observances in home and synagogue. Each day will end with “purposeful play”, which gives our youngest pupils a chance to learn creatively and experientially. Students will also participate in Tot Shabbat with their parent(s).

Grades K & 1 (Shabbat only)
Shabbat morning, 9:30–11:30am
Students' play and learning center around early Hebrew literacy, holiday themes, Jewish values and biblical stories, with an emphasis on experiential learning. Students begin to learn select prayers from the Shabbat morning service.   Each day will end with "purposeful play", which gives our youngest pupils a chance to learn creatively and experientially.

Grades 2 & 3 (Shabbat & Wednesday)
Shabbat morning, 9:00–12:00pm
Classroom Studies: Over the course of a 2-3 year cycle, curriculum elements include an overview of themes, characters and plot from the weekly Torah portion; social studies themes like Jewish Heroes or Jews around the World; attention to mitzvot like shabbat, tzedaka, kashrut and/or blessings over food; God; lifecycle; and the early prophets. Folklore is also incorporated. This class will have dedicated time most Saturday mornings to practice their Hebrew Reading skills.

Tefilla/Jr. Congregation: Learners become familiar with the liturgy and eventually reach the point where they can chant and sing many of the prayers of the Shabbat morning service. Families are always welcome to join Junior Congregation, 10:45–Noon.

Wednesday afternoon, 4:00–6:00pm
This program will move students forward in their studies of Hebrew language and reading, with both class instruction and small-group tutoring. Several times throughout the year, parents will join their children for special programs around holidays. The Wednesday afternoon program incorporates classes in the creative arts—visual, musical and dramatic—facilitated by qualified and experienced teachers.

Grades 4 & 5 (Shabbat & Wednesday)
Shabbat morning, 9:00–12:00pm
Classroom Studies: Over the course of a two-year cycle, students’ study of Torah will deepen, with discussions focusing on themes found in the weekly Torah portion. Bible study continues with the stories of David, Solomon and associated folklore. Students will learn about Medieval, modern European and American Jewish history focusing on immigration and religion as well as influential people and events. Study of mitzvot continues.

Tefilla/Jr. Congregation: Together with the younger students, learners master the shabbat liturgy and prepare to lead the congregation in prayer. Students will practice chanting Torah several times this year. Families are always welcome to join Junior Congregation.

Wednesday afternoon, 4:00–6:00pm
This program will move students forward in their studies of Hebrew language and reading. Several times throughout the year, parents will join their children for special programs around holidays. The ‘Chanting Torah’ class is offered every other year to students in grades 4-5 and is scheduled for winter 2023.

Grade 6 & 7–Includes Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program
This program presents a wonderful opportunity for learning, growth, celebration and involvement with the Knesset Israel community. You and your family will have an opportunity to find personal meaning in this significant passage as your child begins a life-long journey as a Jewish adult. More details are available in the bar/bat mitzvah handbook.

The 4th-7th grades are small classes this year. Classes will be held in a variety of groupings to keep classes age-appropriate, exciting, engaging, and fresh.

Grades 8–12 K.I. Hebrew High
We offer a program that supports teens as they follow their passions and continue their Jewish education. Students are encouraged to choose any or all of the following opportunities.

Formal Classes

High school students (grades 8-12) enjoy classes on a variety of topics and themes, approximately one hour per week. In 2021-22, KI offers two classes - one for seventh and eighth grade students, themed around questions of Who Wrote the Bible and episodes in Jewish history, and another for ninth through twelfth grade that explores Jewish insights into contemporary issues using The Ethical Life, a curriculum of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Goldblum Tefilla Institute: Furthering knowledge of the services of weekdays, shabbat, holidays and High Holidays with expert teachers, coordinated and assigned by Rabbi David Weiner and the Service Assignment Committee. Some students study to become shlihei tzibbur, the congregation’s emissaries for prayer.

Torah Reading: Students who excel at cantillation will be offered regular opportunities to make use of and develop their skills.

Hebrew School & Bar/Bat Mitzvah Teaching Assistants: Some students choose to teach as a part of their journey of learning. Opportunities are available on Shabbat morning, Wednesday afternoon and as a part of the bar/bat mitzvah program. While many students choose to volunteer to teach (and receive credit for volunteer hours for school honor societies and the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires), KI may offer a stipend to bar/bat mitzvah tutors and teen teaching assistants who are 16+.

Congregational Programming: All adult education programs are open to ages 13+.


Tot Shabbat: Sat, 10:30–11:30 (Dates as scheduled; consult synagogue or Hebrew School calendar.)

Preschool & PreK: Sat, 10:30–11:30

Grades K & 1: Sat, 9:30–11:30

Grades 2–7: Sat, 9:00-Noon & Weds, 4:00–6:00

Grade 8-12 - TBD


For the family programming schedule and details, please consult the school calendar.

Tuition (2021-22)

Knesset Israel Members
• Shabbat Preschool Program - $250
• Grades Pre-K & K - $250
• Grades 1 & 2 - $420
• Grades 3–7 (2 hr. Wednesday & 3 hr. Shabbat) – $930
• K.I. Hebrew High - $300
• Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program - $600 additional

Nonmembers of Knesset Israel pay an additional $200 per student per year. This may be applied towards membership dues.



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