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The KI Livestream is available for all shabbat services that take place in the sanctuary. During the summer months, we often hold Friday nights ba'ohel instead.

Knesset Israel livestreams from our sanctuary to make services and other community events, such as funerals, widely accessible.

Whenever services are held in the sanctuary, they are also available on the livestream. This includes every Saturday morning, 9:30-noon, and most Friday evenings during the winter months, 5:45-6:45pm. From May-August, 2022, Friday evening services are scheduled to take place ba'ohel and will not be broadcast online.

A source sheet to accompany the Shabbat morning Torah discussion may be available here.

The best way to experience live stream prayer involves using the largest screen available to you. You might connect your laptop or tablet to a television using an HDMI cable or enjoy our broadcast on Kindle Fire TV, Apple TV or Roku. On those services, search for the app "Boxcast", add it to your menu, then open it and search for "Knesset". When you click through, you will find the live stream and archived videos.

We recommend that those watching from home:

  • Use a siddur, preferably a printed and bound volume.
  • Click the "full screen" button to make the picture as large as possible.
  • Set aside "holy space and time" for prayer.
    • Sit or stand at a distance from the screen. Try not to type at all and avoid using the mouse much.
    • Mute notifications from other apps and programs on your computer.
    • Minimize interruptions and distractions.
    • Let yourself be engaged in worship, song and study.
    • Dress nicely for shabbat.
    • You might also transform your space for prayer by adding a wall hanging or repositioning furniture.

The system we installed is relatively shabbat-friendly. We turn on the camera and sound system before shabbat and do not manipulate them during the holy day. A digital "timer" turns the broadcast on and off. Those who observe shabbat more strictly might be more comfortable if they point their browser to this page before shabbat and disable their screen saver and automatic monitor shut-off. It may still be necessary to click the "play" button onscreen to view, follow along and participate.

For the recent Committee on Jewish Law and Standards responsum about livestreaming on Shabbat and Yom Tov, please click here. The end of the paper includes technical advice for viewing a livestream service on shabbat. Depending on the settings you can use for your television, participating in our services using Roku, Apple TV or Kindle Fire TV may be even more compatible with shabbat than using this website.

We welcome gifts in support of our livestream.

Wed, September 27 2023 12 Tishrei 5784