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Knesset Israel: A Place for You
You have a home at Knesset Israel. Our diverse, unpretentious community unites around accepting a range of Jewish belief, even as we keep up a vibrant practice of Conservative Judaism. People of all stripes - age, gender, single or partnered, Jewish or non-, interfaith families - are welcome. The best way to get involved here is to start attending social events, baking hamantashen in our kitchen, coming to services or dropping in on our classes for all ages. Whatever your age, whatever your Jewish interest, however long you have called the Berkshires home, you will find the warm embrace of community. As you become more involved, you may join KI in a way that makes sense for you.

Our Traditional and Kesher memberships appeal to people who live in the Berkshires permanently or year-round. The Chaver membership, with its different set of privileges, invites seasonal residents to become a part of the community. For more detail, please contact the K.I. office.

Traditional & Kesher Memberships

Traditional Membership is available to Jewish adults
Kesher Membership
is available to non-Jewish adults who have a family relationship with a Jewish member of Knesset Israel.

Many K.I. households include one traditional and one Kesher member.

Fees (First Year of Membership):
Under 35: One Adult: $600 | Two Adults: $800
Ages 35+: One Adult: $800 | Two Adults: $1000

After their first year of membership at K.I., Traditional and Kesher members participate in the graduated dues system, through which each member of Knesset Israel contributes in a meaningful way to the ongoing building community.

The congregation is deeply committed to the principle that no one is denied participation because of financial hardship.

Chaver (Seasonal) Memberships

Chaver Membership is available to seasonal residents of the Berkshires
Because the Chaver Membership does not involve Hebrew School, lifecycle, or cemetery privileges, most of K.I.'s Chaver Members are also members of another synagogue, usually out of town. It is possible to be both a Chaver and a Kesher member.

One Adult: $700 | Two Adults: $1000

Chaver Members are not asked to participate in the graduated dues system. Those who wish to do so should apply for a Traditional Membership instead. The congregation is deeply committed to the principle that no one is denied participation because of financial hardship.

Membership Applications

To apply for membership, please download and fill in :

1) One Membership Application per household - for all membership types
2) One Member Privileges & Dues Form per household:

Applications may be returned to the synagogue office by email to (attach a scan of the application) or by mail - Knesset Israel, 16 Colt Rd., Pittsfield, MA 01201.

Information regarding current costs and fees for Hebrew School, bar/bat mitzvah, facilities rentals, and member rates for funerals and cemetery plot reservation is available upon request.

Dues and event payments and other donations may be made online with an online account or through the synagogue office.


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