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K.I. Stories

K.I. is more than a synagogue. It is a community. And what makes the community so special are the diverse and interesting people who call it home. Here we give our members the opportunity to share their stories with you.


Laura Rosenthal

After living in the Boston area for almost 30 years, I moved to Pittsfield to start a new job in a new city. I knew no one and was on my own. But I wasn't afraid of the adventure, because I knew that there was and is a strong Jewish community in the Berkshires, and I had discovered the warm and supportive community that is K.I.

The wonderful congregation at K.I. has provided a caring circle of friends of all ages and interests. Without them, life in Berkshire County would be without the comfort level needed to become a home.

K.I. has also given me opportunities to learn and grow as a Jew that I couldn't have hoped for in Boston. Where else could I get encouragement and education in how to lead services? Where else could I get up and sing in front of a congregation that is not critical of my mistakes? At K.I. I have found my voice.

I look forward to being part of this congregation for many years to come.


The Albert Family

When we moved our young family to Pittsfield in 2002 we knew we were leaving friends and family, but we didn't yet know what we were gaining. From our first day here, the Knesset Israel community welcomed us and made our new town our home.

Our kids have grown up at K.I., and we could not be happier with the quality and breadth of education they have received over the last 13 years. When our parents, Michael and Rachel, moved here in 2007 our synagogue again reached out and welcomed them.  

The K.I. community truly supported our family as we mourned Rachel's death and equally celebrated our children's b'nai mitzvah. We are excited to worship and celebrate in a sanctuary that reflects the beauty of its contents-our community.


The Coleman-Fleet Family

Twenty years ago this spring, the three of us first came to the Berkshires, and within a month we had found Beth Radsken's wonderful summer day camp for Sarah. It was the beginning of a very long relationship that continues to this day.

We are so pleased to support K.I. for so many reasons. For Phil in particular, the new "seating in the round" format coupled with the awesome sound system that we have in place will make a fantastic music performance space.


Phyllis and Ira Lieberman

We shared much of our first years of marriage, 48 years ago, with Judy and Jeff Cook. The women shared an apartment, while both men served in the Army. Even back then we had very lively discussions about all things Jewish.

Through the years, we did our best to stay in touch, attend family simchas, and listen to each other's stories of raising and educating Jewish children and grandchildren. By 2003, when we were thinking about buying a second home in the Berkshires, we knew who to call. And we also knew where to sign up as new members of a great small synagogue. We have been "commuting" to the Berkshires now for 12 years and have made many great K.I. friends.
We are thrilled to be a part of K.I.'s exciting future. We feel so at home here! This is a credit to all of K.I.'s devoted members, who have kept K.I. a vital and committed Conservative Jewish Synagogue.


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