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Winter Update


This year's K-1 class have been learning Hebrew letters, prayers and holidays.  They know the letters in Shabbat and can sing the Shema.  We have been learning stories from the Bible and using them to talk about big questions like how do you treat others.  We have also been exploring our big ideas through guided, purposeful play. ~ Josh Weisbuch

6th grade: 

Exploring Modern Jewish History through Social Issues.

At the beginning of the school year, the students prioritized social issues that were meaningful to them.  The first issue we explored was "protecting the environment." Our connection to Jewish history had its foundation in a discussion about Bal Taschit and moved up to Israel's continuing efforts in conservation and preservation (planting trees, etc.). We discussed several peripheral issues such as leadership (looking at Israeli leaders) and "building walls" (in the figurative and literal sense). Our latest efforts have been in discussing gender roles in traditional and modern Jewish families which we will continue for the next few weeks. ~ David Dahari

5th & 7th grade:

The past few weeks have been busy one for students in the History through Maps course. After the dissolution of Alexander the Great's empire, we transitioned to the rule of the Seleucids and the Hasmoneans. We explored how the Romans came to occupy the land of Israel, and considered whether Herod the Great was really all that great for the Jews. After a brief foray into the world of the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls, we are continuing on with our look at the Roman occupation of Judea. ~ Jilly Lederman

Grades 2-3 Hebrew CHAI

Our students have been reviewing and growing their Hebrew letter combinations and reading.  We have just about finished our first book!  I am in awe of the students' abilities to read accurately and fluently.  They are also learning some basic vocabulary and grammar. ~Judith Weiner


This year the preschool class has enjoyed learning about the Jewish holidays with The Sammy Spider book series.  Our extended class schedule has allowed more time for crafts, games, songs and movement.  New this year is our weekly snack time with the kindergarten and first grade as well as guided, purposeful play.  ~ Dana Siegel


This year's Soul class for 4-6th graders is off to an impressive start. The students are practicing Hebrew reading in the siddur and grappling with prayer meaning - literal translations as well as the idea/concept of prayer. Our very own Talmudic discourse is coming alive in the classroom as we have begun our journey into segments of Talmud that discuss prayer.  Soul has met 3 times this semester, and I look forward to 5 more exciting sessions with these students next semester. ~ Ben Strauss

Fri, May 24 2019 19 Iyyar 5779