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Social Issues in History 9/22/18

Hi KI Families!   We had a great first class this week as we began to explore social issues that are important to us.  

I started class with a warm-up to get everyone comfortable with each other.

Next I gave students a term and asked them to think about a single word that they would use to embody that term.  Two of the terms we used were: School and America.  We got some interesting answers that led to a great discussion.  What word would you use?  Some words we got for School were: "complicated, optimistic, and decent".  For America, we got: "indepenence, unhealthy, technologically-obsessed and....Vikings (yes, the people from across the sea).  

The last part of class, we looked at a long list of social isses and the students collaboratively ranked them in order of importance.  There was lots of great discussion and students did a great job defending their choices.  Ultimately, students felt that protecting the environment was the number one issue of importance to them...And that's what we'll be discussing next week.  Stay tuned!

-David Dahari



Tue, June 18 2019 15 Sivan 5779